Sunday, March 30, 2014

Whoah, what happened?!

I was doing so good! I posted every Thursday until I got off track... Ugh! I'm so frustated with myself :( 
anyway, nothing exciting has been happening anyway. I've been sick (again), going to school, hanging with Bethany, Alice, and Daphne. Unfortunately nothing blog-worthy happened, maybe that's why it's been so quiet over here. 

What have you been up to? I've been gone for almost a month, I'm sure something happened on your lives, hehe! My next blog post will be way more productive, I plan to fill out my very first blog award given to me by my friend Inky! Yay! 
Kirsten hasn't been doing a lot with us dolls recently, her first year of college is ending soon and she's getting busier and busier, but she said she'd make time for us, and this past weekend she has! Finally.

I forgot if I told you or not, but I had to move my room! All the snow we got this past winter created a leak in the wall in my room! Eeek! Fortunately I was able to evacuate the room before anything happened to me or my furniture. I've been sleeping in my parent's room in a sleeping bag for a few weeks, but then they got me a blow-up twin mattress that I've been sleeping on. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but much better then a sleeping bag! The worst part is, a lot of my stuff got packed up! Including my laptop, which is making life more difficult, and more difficult for me to blog. I'm using my mom's iPad to post right now, because she said I should probably update you guys that I'm still alive and what I've been doing.

So no, you haven't missed much, but I'm back finally! Maybe my room will be done soon and I'll give you a tour like a promised awhile back when I started.

I have school tomorrow, and it's getting a bit late, so I'm off. I have to rested I guess!!

Your pal,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine & Lunar New Year Cards!

Hi everyone!
Kirsten (my owner) is very sick, and is still not feeling well, so I haven't been very active :( Sorry about that!

On the bright side, my good friend Inky sent me things! My package arrived a day or so before Valentine's day, and it was all wrapped up for me! I decided not to open anything until Kirsten could take photos of me, so Inky could see my reactions!
 Here is all my loot! Excuse me rather messy hair, it does that sometimes.
 The red card is the Lunar New Year card, on it was a horse pin!
First I opened up the brown packet, and inside was candy (!!) and a card.
 I carefully opened up the envelope, trying my very best to not soil it, and looked at the lovely card! It had a pin on it, too! It was a pale pink and was ruffly on the sides.
 Carefully, I slide off the pins and put them on my shirt! Here are the pins on me, hehe.
Thank you so much Inky! I really appreciate your kindness, it really brightened our day! I'm off to go eat my candy.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Never Ending School Day


Today, I have something to talk about. Something that has been bothering me, especially this week.


I mean, dang! Did the days randomly extend without me knowing? Is it REALLY that boring? Ugh!
I feel like the school days keep getting longer, never shorter! This has definitely been one of the longest weeks in my life seemingly, and boy am I glad it's almost over. I've been learning kind of cool stuff in Science, but it's so repetitive it's kind of boring...
Math has been in the computer lab this week, because we are doing a mildly frustrating and extremely stupid research project. Language Arts has been easy, we are watching movies this week.

I also have a boring typing computer class, and everything I want to get to online is blocked by the dumb firewall! It's not even anything bad, just blogger so I can update =(

Sorry for a kind-of boring update! And no photos, either :( Hopefully I'll be updating again tomorrow, no promises though!!

P.S thanks for all the new followers and comments!

This is Aurora, signing off!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Playing Out In The Snow!

Greetings from the North Pole, everyone!

Of course I'm not actually in the North Pole, I might as well be. It's freezing!
Even with the cold, the fresh, clean, white snow was far too tempting! I had to beg my mom to let me outside, she was worried about frost bite! I said I'd be fine, and she reluctantly agreed, but she said she had to come with me to keep an eye on me... Moms. :/

However my Mom did grab the camera and get some snow photos of me! They turned out pretty blurry, because we had to use an old camera lens in fear of ruining our usual one in the snow... I guess some photos are better than none, right?

Here are the less-than-impressive snow photos!

(This jacket was super cozy, but got annoying real fast!)
I was supposed to run around in these pants? As if! At least I stayed warm! The snow was so DEEP! It was past my knees! It was really fun to trudge around in, though!

What kind of snow post would this be if I didn't make a classical snow angel? It was so funny, because I kept sinking down into the snow!
After my adventure, I came back inside and got dressed in my pajamas, with a hot cup of cocoa. I curled up in a big cozy blanket, and watched TV for a few hours. I wish I had a snow day from school today, but alas all the district gave us poor students was a one hour delay from opening! Same delay tomorrow, too. :(

Is it snowy where you live? Did you make a snowman? A snow angel? What do you like to do when it snows?

-Aurora =)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day!

Hello, everyone!
Aurora here once again to report... IT'S SNOWING!

It's supposed to snow really bad and we may get up to a foot of snow! Unfortunately, our school district made us go to school for three hours, but then we got to leave! Yay!

I love snow days, because I get a free day off, I can do whatever I want without having to worry about homework, and you can watch the pretty snow fall. Luckily today is ballet practice day, so that got canceled, too! :)

 What else would I do on a snow day except blog and play games on my laptop? Apparently it once belonged to a girl named Lindsey, but when I came, I got all of the American Girl Of Today stuff for my room.
Random picture showing off the snow and a pretty Cardinal.

What do you like to do on a snow day? Do you like to play in the snow, or stay inside?
I sure am wearing my PJs on inside-out with a spoon under my pillow tonight, I want another day completely  off!

-Aurora :)

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello, all.
My name is Aurora. Aurora Cohen. I decided to start blogging because I want to make new friends (clichè, I know.) and share my life with the internet. 

I'm the newest doll, so I must be pretty special to get my very own blog so quickly ;) 
Anyway, many of my friends that I have met have blogged in the past, you may know Violet of Violet Girl Of Today (who still blogs, but less frequently) and Amelie and Marion of A Tale As Old As Time. But, I'm using mine differently. Hopefully more frequently, too. I'll be sharing photos and tales about my daily life. 

Some things about me; I do ballet. Not willlingly, my parents make me be involved with after-school activites, and this was the one they chose. I'm not very good, either. I loose my balance pretty quickly and I never remember my routine... Oh well.
In school, I only like Science and lunch. We don't have recess in Middle School, or that would also be one of my favorite classes. I like science because it doesn't really feel like a class. We just look at things under a microscope and record what we see. Oh, there's more to it then that? I haven't noticed. Lunch is my other favorite, because it's my only free time. 
I'm  American Girl Of Today #12, with blonde hair and brown eyes, if you were wondering. 

Alright, my Mom is bugging me to go to bed, because I have school tomorrow. See you soon. 

-Aurora Cohen