Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Never Ending School Day


Today, I have something to talk about. Something that has been bothering me, especially this week.


I mean, dang! Did the days randomly extend without me knowing? Is it REALLY that boring? Ugh!
I feel like the school days keep getting longer, never shorter! This has definitely been one of the longest weeks in my life seemingly, and boy am I glad it's almost over. I've been learning kind of cool stuff in Science, but it's so repetitive it's kind of boring...
Math has been in the computer lab this week, because we are doing a mildly frustrating and extremely stupid research project. Language Arts has been easy, we are watching movies this week.

I also have a boring typing computer class, and everything I want to get to online is blocked by the dumb firewall! It's not even anything bad, just blogger so I can update =(

Sorry for a kind-of boring update! And no photos, either :( Hopefully I'll be updating again tomorrow, no promises though!!

P.S thanks for all the new followers and comments!

This is Aurora, signing off!

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