Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello, all.
My name is Aurora. Aurora Cohen. I decided to start blogging because I want to make new friends (clichè, I know.) and share my life with the internet. 

I'm the newest doll, so I must be pretty special to get my very own blog so quickly ;) 
Anyway, many of my friends that I have met have blogged in the past, you may know Violet of Violet Girl Of Today (who still blogs, but less frequently) and Amelie and Marion of A Tale As Old As Time. But, I'm using mine differently. Hopefully more frequently, too. I'll be sharing photos and tales about my daily life. 

Some things about me; I do ballet. Not willlingly, my parents make me be involved with after-school activites, and this was the one they chose. I'm not very good, either. I loose my balance pretty quickly and I never remember my routine... Oh well.
In school, I only like Science and lunch. We don't have recess in Middle School, or that would also be one of my favorite classes. I like science because it doesn't really feel like a class. We just look at things under a microscope and record what we see. Oh, there's more to it then that? I haven't noticed. Lunch is my other favorite, because it's my only free time. 
I'm  American Girl Of Today #12, with blonde hair and brown eyes, if you were wondering. 

Alright, my Mom is bugging me to go to bed, because I have school tomorrow. See you soon. 

-Aurora Cohen

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  1. Hello Aurora!! I am Molly and it is so nice to met you!! I am loving ur blog and so can not wait to read more and see all ur pics!!
    ~ Molly ~